Jacques Charlier, a retrospective
14 October 2017 - 14 January 2018

La Panacée presents the first retrospective in France of the Belgian artist, pioneer of European conceptual art. Starting from a critical sociology of the art world, Jacques Charlier evolved into a complex and unclassifiable art that evokes the spirit of Francis Picabia while anticipating the American art of the 1990s.

The series Paysages Professionnelles (1963-1970), Zone Absolue (1969-1970), Photographies de vernissages (1974-1976) and Photo sketches (1974-1977) will be presented at this exhibition in La Panacée.

Aperto will present the exhibition Unidentified Paintings, around the latest series approached by Jacques Charlier between 2012 and 2017. In his cycles of paintings, Jacques Charlier plays with scholarly or popular references and multiplies allusions to modern art. It combines with a repertory drawn from the history of art (iconic signs today shared by the greatest number) a whole lot of old or contemporary vernacular representations which have the virtue of shifting the reading of the painting with humor and casually.