A l’heure d’été
20 June - 25 July 1990

To close the first part of the season, and before hosting an exhibition of François Morellet at the beginning of the season, the gallery offers until July 25 a set up of works of artists represented by the gallery of some recent acquisitions.
In addition to Jean-Claude Loubieres‘ new work, Night and Day, two recent paintings by Mark Alsterlind, a Ben’s handwriting of 1979, and a painting by German Vidal (a young Chilean artist), are also presented some selected works the recent acquisitions of the gallery: a painting by Robert Combas in 1987, a play by Claude Viallat, one of the founders of the Supports-Surfaces group, and a serigraph by Andy Warhol, Electric chair of 1971, to which a major retrospective is dedicated to Paris at the Center Pompidou.