Alexandra Sand
Another Self
12 September - 2 November, 2019

Galerie Hervé Bize is pleased to present the first exhibition in France of Alexandra Sand (Slobozia, Romania, 1990).

Primarily nomadic, the proteiform approach of the artist, including video, installation, performance and drawing, is exercised around the body, his own as a material of choice.
It questions different approaches, forms of perception as well as the impact of Time, especially the phenomena of cyclicity.

Entitled Another Self, this exhibition was built in several phases, including two artist’s stays in Nancy during which the main piece of the exhibition, a singular sculpture with the title track, which is formally similar to a recumbent, could thus be realized.

During his stay at the Villa Medici in Rome in 2015-2016, began discussions between the artist and Yves Coppens * about the Venus of Lespugue, a small figurine of the Paleolithic around which Alexandra Sand developed the dialectic of the exhibition that we present. From the outset, the reference to this Venus plunges us into the vertiginous history of sculpture and molding but from an anacyclic mirror reading of the Venus, Alexandra Sand performs by itself a work of deconstruction of reality – and ideologies that question both the Being and the Having, the innate that the acquired, the individual that the group.
Another Self will be complemented by a collection of works on paper specially produced for the exhibition and archive items related to the research conducted by the artist.

* Yves Coppens is Professor at the Collège de France. He was in 2015-2016 the godfather of the residents of the Villa Medici in Rome. Alexandra Sand has realized in recent five years numerous projects in Europe and the United States, participation in exhibitions or performances, notably: Bombay Beach Biennial, Salton in 2017-2918; Villa Villa!, Palais Royal, Paris in 2016; Teatro delle Esposizione 7, Medici Villa, Rome; Arrangements in Time and Space, MNAC, Bucharest in 2014.

With the support of galleries / exhibition of the National Center for Plastic Arts

The exhibition also received support from the company Zolpan Services

The gallery thanks the National High School of Art and Design of Nancy