February 22 - April 27 2024

February 22 – April 27, 2024
Opening on February 22, 6-8 PM

The gallery is pleased to announce its next in-house exhibition, Americanologies.
After a break of around a year, the gallery has decided to return to the presentation of a new project, which will coincide with its 35 years of existence – and presence – in its historic premises on rue Gambetta, so special in that their Art Nouveau architecture and decor bear witness to the links maintained by a dynasty of famous luthiers, the Jacquot family.

The production of an exhibition implies the production of the traditional press release that accompanies it, a sort of statement of intent.
An exhibition is, of course, first and foremost an idea or an intention.
A thematic or group exhibition is naturally not the same as a monographic project, which results exclusively from a relationship with one artist.

This exhibition and its title, Americanologies, are rooted in the gallery’s own history. Since 2007, the gallery has initiated and developed numerous projects on American soil, particularly in New York, where Hervé Bize was a regular visitor every year until the pandemic. These travels have also led to visits to numerous American states, on both the East and West coasts, in the Midwest and even in the South of the country, sometimes following in the footsteps of legendary artists such as Robert Smithson, Georgia O’Keeffe and Donald Judd, to name but a few.
Americanologies unfolds across the gallery’s two galleries, brings together a number of historic artists, including Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and Francis Picabia, whose influence in the United States was major on developments in twentieth-century art, as well as figures from the American scene linked to the counterculture and Fluxus movements than others more contemporary.
The body of work presented, reflecting a wide variety of media (sound installation, photography, publishing, drawing, poetry, etc.), combines different temporalities and connections.