André Cadere
Textual Pieces, Photographs, Ephemera
22 November 2018 - 2 February 2019

In spite since almost ten years now, the gallery has been involved, through various projects, to promote the whole work of André Cadere (Warsaw, 1934 – Paris, 1978), it is the first time that a solo exhibition will be devoted to the famous Romanian artist in our space. (1)

Simultaneously with the exhibition presented by the Center Pompidou Paris from November 28 to April 15 — which will not be a traditional retrospective as Cadere’s works will be, according to the wish of his curator, Frédéric Paul, displayed through all the permanent collections, both modern and contemporary — the gallery has chosen to highlight aspects which are still largely unknown, that is to say the “activities” that have been an integral part of his approach around the Round Bar of Wood, the piece which it is irremediably connected to his figure as a walker carrying always carrying a stick (2).

While not deliberately showing any of these bars, the exhibition conceived by the gallery will be based on the textual pieces that took different forms (mail art or even insertions in reviews) and photographs, both performed at the request of Cadere by friends artists or photographers during the presentation of his work, or took by himself, notably this amazing serie of images from his first stay in New York (November 1975). Printed ephemera, such as original cards announcing different projects, having almost, so to speak, the status of works, as much by their statements of conceptual inspiration as by their graphic quality, will also be exhibited. Finally, for the very first time since 1972, a mural interpretation of a Round Bar of Wood will be executed through the two gallery’s rooms.

If the exhibition refers to the figure of the walker, from the famous episode of the Documenta 5 with Harald Szeemann to the last walks of the artist on the Boulevard Jourdan in Paris just before he passed away, we will be able to consider how Cadere has succeeded in only six years to mark, by his constant projectsand activities, the artistic situation through a work that could at the same time allowed him to penetrate the classic places of exhibitions (galleries and institutions) but also simultaneously to emancipate them, thus proclaiming its independence and questioning their power, the artist never failed to claim a political attitude.

The magazine Pleased To Meet You will devote its 6th issue to André Cadere. This issue will be available at the gallery and will be launched during the opening reception.


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1 The Gallery realized six years ago a remarkable exhibition “Daniel Buren | André Cadere” (April 26 – July 7, 2012) which initiated a dialogue between a Cabane éclatée by Buren hut and two square wooden bars of Cadere.

2 “My work consists of a round bar of wood made of assembled segments whose length is equal to their diameter: these segments are painted with different colors whose systematic permutations, containing at least one error, highlight precisely the round bar of wood composed of assembled segments” (André Cadere, 1972).