Independent NY 2020
March 5 - 8 2020

Independent New York • March 5-8, 2020

Jack Youngerman • Hanna Sandin • Peter Rösel • André Cadere

For our 4th participation to Independent New York we have decided to focus on a group presentation which highlights the main values on which the gallery was founded thirty years ago, which are, championing artists processes in their entirety without any consideration for any medium. The four gathered artists belong to different generations and contexts and illustrate perfectly these objectives: it is important to us, in a context of a globalized and standardized art market, to put forward our singularities, along with our geographical localization, which is non-Parisian, but is equidistant from influential other European cities (Brussels, Frankfurt and Basel).

Unfortunately passed away very recently, Jack Youngerman (1926-2020) can be considered as one of the most important American painters for his contribution to abstract art. He spent his formative years in Paris right after the World War II and pioneered at the beginnings of the 1950s Hard-Edge, geometric abstraction. At this time, he was a close friend of the French artist François Morellet and another American artist, Ellsworth Kelly.

Jack Youngerman’s career includes his participation in numerous groundbreaking museum exhibitions such as 16 Americans in 1959-1960 at the MoMA, alongside Jasper Johns, Ellsworth Kelly, Robert Rauschenberg and Frank Stella. Youngerman’s huge painting that we are presenting here at Independent is a representative example of this legendary Coenties Slip period.

Ever since, he has not stopped experimenting through painting (but also sculpture, collage and drawing), forms and spaces which give to his work an impressive steadfastness. The gallery is also happy to include in its presentation a recent work which demonstrates a constant and renewed path, a prodigious source of visual energy.

Hannah Sandin (Born 1981, New Jersey) lives and works in New York. The gallery organized her first solo show in France in 2011, right after her participation in The Logic of Association at MoMA PS1. Her sculptures reference syntactical structures through the form of the mobile.
Formally evoking children’s toys designed to facilitate cognitive development, they suggest a language stripped of its expected meaning and reduced to abstracted material components, as everyday objects are flattened and reordered into a fragmented visual grammar.

We are presenting at the fair a new mobile as well as two works from the serie Transmission Object which are featured in the curated section Object & Thing at Independent.

Peter Rösel (Born 1966, Rockenhausen, Germany) is an artist whom the gallery has been working with since 1997 when he was living in New York. Known for his protean approach which enables him, according to his projects, to use any possible techniques, from painting to making installations, videos, sounds, but also drawing and sculpture. It is exactly this medium that will be shown at Independent especially with Water Lilies Pink, a new sewn mural sculpture made from German police uniforms.

Rösel’s mimicry transformation of the uniform foils its normative geometry and transforms it into something organic lending unexpected curves to something stiff. Rösel’s plants are fascinating and attractive hybrids. With dazzling buds and blossoms the artist often likes to give them erotic powers of seduction.

The gallery is representing the work of André Cadere (1934-1978) since 10 years and had presented an exceptional solo presentation at Independent New York 2017.
In the continuity and echoing to his presence in the current hanging of the MoMA Collection, we are showing two rare paintings from 1967, executed a few months after his installation in Paris.

These paintings, related to an Op’Art sensibility, constitute the foundation of his work and already mark his deep interest for color theory which we will find again in the chromatic permutations of his wooden bars.