Miguel Branco, Bruno Carbonnet, Peter Rösel
27 January - 14 April 2012

Miguel Branco, Bruno Carbonnet and Peter Rösel, respectively born in 1963, 1957 and 1966 are from the same generation. They studied art in different schools before developing really soon their own demarche and showing it all around the world since many years in galleries and museums.
For us, it seems to be pertinent to gather them for a project at the gallery about their personal pictorial practice even the way they use the medium painting nowadays.
These three artists demonstrate that it is naturally vain to believe that painting will disappear and reaffirm its ability to convey a conceptual content and to procure a visual pleasure.
The artists take, as a source of inspiration of their work, human and landscape subjects -— even if the subject in practically never really painted. Instead of it, the original material of their work is often coming from archives, photography, movies, television movies, pictures, prints and also canons of art history.
By this way, they try to define painting as a unique space able to digest the images which saturate our contemporary society, and in which can be evaluated their impact on our feelings of identity, individual and collective.
Submerged by the domination of the medias, the painting is no longer the first form of creation of images in the contemporary occidental culture and this change, which affects its status, offers to the artists the ability to play with a large panel of pictorial styles.
This is this experimental dimension (with regard to the sources, the size, the space and the process in particular) that we wish to show through their most recent works.