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30 March - 1 July 2017

Unpredictability is the fact that anything can happen.
Let’s assume that without unexpected events, there is no tragedy, and that without this tragedy, there can be no hope. The creation of institutions was aimed to limit unexpected events like a Revolution, but during this period of absolute uncertainty represented by a crisis, can we quote Emmanuel Levinas and say that we are coming to the end of a certain intelligibility since we have lost our bearings?
We therefore find ourselves without the tools to understand and think about the World, because of a change in the meaning of the words used. For example, Human has become human capital; through Freedom, we should understand Circulation of Capital; and Virtue and Personal Merit have been replaced by Evaluation and Competition … This ideology destroys Man and his Social Link, ending up with an isolated individual: the fragmentation of society renders null and void our criteria of analysis, but for what purpose?
The disappearance of mediators, which are so important in the construction of the world, throws our democratic system into turmoil; it has led to the deconstruction of the world as we know it, along the competitive lines of Neoliberalism.
In view of the past, a revolution can just as well lead to communism as to fascism, both of which aim to annihilate individual emancipation.
This perception of time passing by gives us the impression that we have reached a horizon of predictability beyond which there is no longer any control, we can no longer believe in our institutions that appear to be rigid, nor in a political world which has reached its limits, no longer controlling the “natural course of things” in this ever-changing world.
From this loss of bearings are born extreme, predictable movements, with their share of identity-based claims, that aim to replace social identity by original/cultural identity, and lead to the rejection of all forms of otherness.
To advocate multiculturalism is ambiguous since with this absolute comes the denial of difference or the hatred of others. With the rejection of others comes the rejection of all researchers with critical thinking that fight denial.
The spreading of lies or leading a policy of denial, attacks on critical thinking in order to promote only commercial value are things which history has already been through, but due to an inexplicable amnesia, the trauma of past experiences is in the process of repeating itself.
Unpredictability is therefore a refusal to see and to know, a denial of reality.
Agathe Marie-Louise, January 2017