If the pressure is too strong on the surface, it means that the floor is too hard
6-9 February, 2019

Opening: Tuesday, February 5 at 18:00

It does not take much. Smallest pressure unit: the weight of a fly on a postage stamp. All contact is pressure. We can just ignore it … no. The weight of the air, the tugging of the bones. Numbers escape us. Two hundred kilopascals too many, two hundred thousand times six flies of flies, spray a snail shell. Question of scale: no. The world is in tension. Without beginning: too much supported above, because too solid below, because too rigid around. To escape, one would have to be liquid, and again: who knows why champagne bubbles are always born from the same place. And you think you can escape … If you’re in a hurry, you’ll take the same direction? No, we are not under pressure. It’s just a surface pickup, an optimization. These swirls of particles gain to be tight, the resistance is at the most dense, but the amplitude? No. It’s a framed diversity. Chemistry, disparate, flies of fly and webs in tension, only remain the exposed edges in implosion.
It’s so pretty a fountain.

5th year students of the art option of the Nancy National School of Art and Design