September 19–22, 2019

For our first participation in Expo Chicago, the gallery has decided to focus on a French artist who was deeply connected to the American art scene, Alain Jacquet (1939-2008). This exhibition has been developed in collaboration with Sophie Matisse and the Alain Jacquet Committee, has been especially conceived for the fair, 50 years after the monographic exhibition of the artist at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago. Despite his death eleven years ago in New York City, where he used to live in a contemporary style. Alain Jacquet was a leader in using very large media and innovative materials with a particular precocity. At the very beginning of the 60’s he started to work on his famous “Camouflages”, “Lunch on the Grass” (1964), by using silkscreen process which with he had introduced mechanical style. The treatment of the images, that Jacquet proceeds, makes him close to of Martial Raysse for the french part and to American artists like Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein. He shows firstly his work in New York at Alexander Lolas Gallery in 1964 and obtains immediately an international consideration. He took part in major exhibitions like Documenta IV, Kassel, 1968 and “When Attitudes Become Form” at Kunsthalle Bern, 1969. The booth will be a collection of significant pieces of the 60’s.