Independent NY 2020
March 5 - 8, 2020

Independent New York 2020
5-8 March, 2020

André Cadere
Peter Rösel
Hanna Sandin
Jack Youngerman

For its 4th participation the gallery has decided to focus on a group presentation which will highlight the main values on which the gallery was founded thirty years ago, which are, championing artists processes in their entirety without any consideration for any medium and belonging to different generations and contexts.
The four planned artists for Independent 2020 illustrate perfectly these objectives and it is important to us, in a context of a globalized but standardized Art Market, to advance our singularities, along with our geographical localization, which is non-Parisian, but is equidistant from influential other European cities such as Brussels, Frankfurt and Basel.

The gallery has been representing the Estate of Romanian artist André Cadere (1934-1978) for 10 years and has presented an exceptional solo presentation at Independent New York 2017. In the continuity and echoing to his presence in the new display of the MoMA Collection, we will show a few of his paintings from 1967, seminal year for him as he left Bucharest to come settle down in Paris. These paintings close to an Op’Art sensibility, constitute the foundation of his work and demonstrate his attachment to color which we will see again in the chromatic permutations of his famous wooden bars.

Peter Rösel (1966, Rockenhausen, Germany) is an artist with whom the gallery has been working since 1997 when he was living in New York. Known for his protean work which enables him, according to his projects, to use any possible techniques, from painting to making installations, videos, sounds, but also drawing and sculpture. It is exactly this medium, with hand-sewed plant sculptures made from German police uniforms, that will be shown during Independent.

Hannah Sandin (1981, New Jersey, United States) lives and works in New York. The gallery has been working with her since 2011. Her sculptural work that she has been developing over the years essentially consists in surprising mobiles. It was shown for the first time in 2010 at MoMA PS1. Hanna Sandin makes spatial compositions which visually materialized language under the form of tree views in volume. To do so, she only uses industrial mass-produced objects, that are neutral and insignificant, without modifying them.

Jack Youngerman ( 1926, St. Louis, Missouri, United States) can be considered as one of the most important American artists for his contribution to abstract art since the beginning of the 1950s’. Back then he was living in Paris and was close to French artist François Morellet and another American artist, Ellsworth Kelly. Ever since, he has not stopped experimenting through painting (but also sculpture and drawing), forms and spaces which give to his work a remarkable steadfastness. The gallery will be happy to include in its presentation this great artist who embodies an arduous path, constantly renewed and who is again, with his latest artworks, a prodigious source of visual energy.