July 3 - September 30, 2019

The summer exhibition Consonances borrows from music the notion of harmonic union, inviting a dialogue between the contemporary works of the Museum of Fine Arts and the pieces loaned by the Galerie Hervé Bize, to give birth to a new combinatorial richness.

This project is a continuation of the events organized to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the metamorphosis of the Museum of Fine Arts and on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Galerie Hervé Bize. It is composed of a set of major works from the 1960s to today (paintings, sculptures, installations, videos and drawings).

Nineteen international artists are represented by works, sometimes monumental, which punctuate the walk of the visitor and offer a renewed route of the ground floor and this, from the peristyle of the museum. The exhibition, considered not as a traditional gathering of objects in a temporary space, is akin to a form of extension of the museum’s collections, to a “graft” playing both the constraints of museography and the specific characteristics of the spaces. invested. Consonances brings together works by: André Cadere, Philippe Cazal, Dector & Dupuy, Daniel Dezeuze, General Idea, Giorgio Griffa, Raymond Hains, Éric Hattan, Jean Hélion, Alain Jacquet, Bertrand Lavier, François Morellet, Peter Rösel, Hanna Sandin, Emmanuel Saulnier, Frank Stella, Andre Thomkins, Claude Viallat, Jack Youngerman.

The exhibition will include several events (conference, meeting, performance-concert).

Exhibition curators
Sophie Laroche, curator, Nancy Museum of Fine Arts
Hervé Bize, gallerist, Galerie Hervé Bize, Nancy |
Every day, except Tuesdays
From 10am to 6pm
3 place Stanislas, Nancy